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  Bucks listed are currently in the herd, and those that are marked as “Reference” were either previously in the herd or are directly related to our goats.

Silver King as a two year old

 *B Price O The Field Silver King – N001443390  DOB: 03/12/2008

Silver King is one of our current senior herdsires.  He shows a great deal of dairy character with tight withers, high/wide escutcheon, and pliable skin.  He is a large buck with a great deal of heart girth and a wide muzzle.  He was shown twice as a three year old, placing 1st in his class both times.  He already has kids winning classes and legs; as well as a 1st place Junior Get of Sire to his credits.  His dam was the late GCH Price O The Field Katy Karissa.  Katy Karissa appraised 92 EEEE at 8 years old.  His sire’s dam was SGCH Price O The Field Lady Regina. Regina was the 1998 National Reserve Grand Champion with Best Udder.  We are really looking forward to getting some more Silver King kids.  Reference pictures and information are courtesy of Barbara Rissler and Lonestar Sky Dairy Goats.   


GCH Price O The Field Katy Karissa (pictured dry)


Price O The Field Royal Silver (Silver King's sire)




Vintage Sirrah (dam)

Saada Jazzy White Zin - N001459178  DOB: 04/08/2008

Zin is one of our current senior herdsires.  He is a very sharp, long bodied buck.  He consistently passes this on to his offspring regardless of which doe he is bred to.  He comes from the Saada herd, and his pedigree is loaded with animals that have been successfully shown at the National level.  His dam (SG Saada Vintage Sirrah 8*M) appraised 91 EEVE at two years old.  His littermate sister (GCH Saada Sparkling Zinfindel) appraised 90 VEEE at two years old and was the 1st place milking yearling at the 2009 National Show.  His maternal grand dam (SGCH Saada Lady Jazeez 7*M) appraised 91 EEEE at two years old and was also the 1st place milking yearling at the 2006 National Show.  So, needless to say, Zin comes from an extremely nice doe line.  (He is light blonde/off white and throws a large percentage of off white kids.)
Reference pictures and information are courtesy of Saada Dairy Goats, LLC.


Saada Sparkling Zinfindel (littermate sister)






Spring’s-Meadow Redwood – N001427540  DOB: 03/30/2007

REFERENCE – Previous Senior Herdsire

Redwood was a very nice buck with great general appearance, and he appraised 89 VVE at three years old.  His bloodlines go back to older Amberwood stock on the sire’s side and Del-Mirage/Wooden-Bridge/Price O The Field on the dam’s side.  He also comes from a long line of does that excell in mammaries and longevity.  He consistently produced nice offspring.  His littermate sister (CH Spring’s-Meadow CE Java) was the Reserve Grand Champion Nubian at the 2011 NAILE (photo courtesy of Spring’s-Meadow).




CH Spring's-Meadow C.E. Java (littermate sister)


Ace at four years old


 CH Twin-Reflection Ace of Spades – N001373350  DOB: 04/21/2006

REFERENCE – Previous Senior Herdsire

Ace was a buck that we raised from weaning, and he always stood out.  Unfortunately he didn’t work out in our breeding program, but a few of our does do go back to him in their pedigrees.  Ace appraised 91 EEE as a four year old, and he easily won his Championship.  His paternal grand sire is the famous Kismet Marvins Smooth Operator. 


  Lonestar Sky Duncan’s Revival – N001554420  DOB: 02/24/2011

Rev is our exciting, new junior herdsire out of the great ++*B GCH Price O The Field Duncan Image and Price O The Field  Lady Redeema (a Royal Marcus daughter).  He is about as dairy as they get with long flat bone, extremely pliable skin, a high/wide escutcheon, and an extremely strong background in excellent mammary systems.  We expect great things out of him, and we have used him on several of our first fresheners for 2012. Reference pictures and information are courtesy of Barbara Rissler and Lonestar Sky Dairy Goats.



Lady Redeema (dam)


Theory at 9 months old

Spring’s-Meadow Einstns Theory – N001553901  DOB: 01/15/2011

Theory is another junior herdsire here at our farm.  When we were offered the chance to own him we just couldn’t pass it up.  He is closely related to our other Spring’s-Meadow stock.  He is a very special guy in his own right as he excels general appearance.  He was shown twice as a kid and won his class both times.  He was also Reserve Grand Champion once (as a kid!).  We can’t wait to get use him more in the coming years.  (This is a quick and poor picture of him, it doesn’t do him justice.)