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About Us

                                                                Thank You for your interest in Heart for Spring Farm! 
 Heart for Spring Farm is home to Knightfire’s Dairy Goats.  Our goats are raised with the intent to be productive in both milk production and in the show ring.  We currently have ADGA Nubian Goats, as well as one ADGA Saanen doe.  Our herd is backed by some very recognizable and successful bloodlines, such as; Price O The Field, Saada, Goldthwaite, Amberwood, and Spring’s-Meadow.  Our goats are raised on a mixture of pure alfalfa hay, orchard grass/timothy hay, and dairy goat ration.  They have access to free choice loose minerals and sodium bicarbonate.  We test annually for CAE, and our herd is 100% CAE negative.  Our herd is also CL and Johnes free (Tennessee is a TB and Brucellosis free state).  We do a mixture of bottle and dam raising.  Kids that are pre-ordered can be raised by your preference.  
 One of our other passions is horses.  In previous years a great deal of time was spent riding in the Smoky Mountains and the surrounding countryside.  Currently, time constraints do not allow us to ride as much as we used to, but we do still have several brood mares and a stallion.  From time to time horses and foals are available for sale (please feel free to check with us on the status of available horses or to request additional information/pictures).  We do have a preference for larger horses, and we have been focusing on producing NASDHA Registered Spotted Drafts and Spotted Draft crosses.  They combine the beauty of the paint horses with the size and gentle nature of the drafts.  They are excellent for a variety of disciplines or can easily become a big pet.   
                Traveling Petting Zoo – We bring our animals to you for fun and education! 

our current stallion's sire

 We began operating a small traveling petting zoo in 2010.  It has always seemed like a natural fit for us.  We love sharing our animals with others, educating the public on history and animal husbandry, and the interactions with adults and children have brought a great deal of joy to our lives.  We currently focus on true farm style animals (goats, horses/ponies, pigs, chickens and other poultry, rabbits, and llamas), and we have not ventured into the exotic animal petting zoos at this time.  We attempt to provide an appealing experience by using guided interaction and education.  To date we have held events for corporations, churches, elementary schools, daycares, and private parties.  We have happily participated in events with only a few family members and friends; as well as events with over 700 visitors. 
 The petting zoo is available as a package with different animals available.  A standard event lasts for two hours (fully set-up, does not include set-up or take down time) and is priced at $250.  Additional hours are available at a rate of $75 per hour.  Scheduled time slots are held with a 50% deposit due upon scheduling, and the balance is due at the time of arrival at the event.  In addition to our animals, pens, and general decorations, we can also bring a variety of games and items to satisfy special requests.  Please feel free to contact Chris or Kristy to inquire about our petting zoo.